A Visit To Dr. Quackenbush’s Office

I was recently at the physician’s office. The couple sitting immediately next to me were Telepaths. I could see they were having a quite interesting conversation, which, of course, no one else could hear. Their lips weren’t moving….part of the deal.

In me life I have to be ready for a lot of distinctive characters, and to Allow them the satisfaction of at least my politely humoring them. Fortunately I have quite a convenient Touch of silly in me anyway.

Having settled down in the waiting room, I pursed my Lips in anticipation of quiet an uneventful appointment. The Soft Couch I was sitting on drove my Lower back crazy.

When I finally saw Dr. Quackenbush, he went through his usual spiel, whining at me about my diet, exercise, blah blah. He put stethoscope to Chest, examining my Heartbeat. He then asked his nurse, Bertha, to Affix all my paperwork to his chart, and we went on to satisfice in our attempt to keep my health on the right track.

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