In Uncle Joe’s America

I see an America where people

Wander the streets,

Told where to go,

And what to do,

By a Team of

Supposed experts.

Designated sheepdogs,

Protecting the Swiss

Bank accounts of

Designated sheep,

Dictating to us

Designated wolves,

Deciding why they claim we Owe.

Children kidnapped from each Family

So the village can raise them.

Progress is measured by how much is stolen

To make reparations to the sheep.

Those who deny that Joy can be found

Only in this world will be executed

On a charge of intolerance

An act of unforgivable sedition.

Power is all that counts and,

In all the village, only the

Sheep and sheepdogs may have it.

Progress is measured by

How big a ball and chain

All are willing to wear

In their service.

The Old Order will

Be passing by

For Rural, Suburban,

And Urban folk

In Uncle Joe’s Great Society.

The price of admission

Is your soul.

6 thoughts on “In Uncle Joe’s America

  1. Mary Anne says:

    Reblogged this on HAURIETIS AQUAS and commented:
    Uncle Joe is related to Uncle Mao and Uncle Xi … The Communist Party of the USA endorsed him. See Haurietis Aquas. AND Xi Xinping had said he hoped for a Biden victory “because Biden is easier to get along with” Epoch Times. Yes, this Larry is right on in his assessment !


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