Kith And Kindred

I can eat me

Magic Chanterelle

And wander back through

Time and Outer Space to see all

Me old classmates and teachers

From St. Gabriel’s and

St. John the Baptist.

Once I get to me past,

I merely open the Antique Lace curtain,

And walk right back to

1970? 1974?

In many ways, each

Of the folks I knew then

Serves, now,

As a Lighthouse

Showing me things from afar,

Of a kind I never

Could have noticed up close.

I wonder often

If anyone notices the odd nature of

The fact that Old Me visits

Young Me’s world.

The colors of the

Pathways between then and now

Vary so often.

They can be anything from

Multi colored Sea Glass

To Blizzard white.

I still feel quite a Kinship

With me old buds

Though our current friendship

Isn’t always Plum Perfect.

Me magic Chanterelles must

Be taken quite sparingly.

Tim and space are

Quite the stern taskmasters.

Naturally I was obligated to make a

Solemn and inviolable

Promise not to

Impart any knowledge

From one era to the other.

Daily I must deal with

The current versions of

So many of those people.

The Lace Curtain is oddly thin.

I’ve seen very many people from me early days, both in person and online.

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