Gondo Meets Jane

Gondo, having been smitten with Jane since first having set eyes upon her, was perpetually tongue tied in her company.

Day after day, he attempted to start a conversation with her but always stumbled upon his words.

Often he would tell his friends that ‘One day she’ll be my girl.’

He was the absolute master of the bad break, having been subjected to one misfortune after another whenever his dream girl was within eyeshot.

Still she so happily humored him.

She frequently overheard him and smiled because she knew he was right.

Their friends good naturedly watched, looking forward to the inevitable moment when things would come together for the soon to be happy couple.

One day the incredible finally happened. He presumed to approach her with what struck her as an overture. Of course, she said ‘yes’ and everyone was finally able to relax.

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