For A Just And Healthy Society

‘Philosopy, theology, and the Beatles,’ Gondo told Jane, ‘Are the Foundation upon which all of mankind’s very existence has always been founded.’

‘What do you mean, Sweetie?’ asked his befuddled girlfriend.

‘We all want answers about life’s ultimate questions,’ he went on , explaining, ‘How people are required to treat each other, responsibility, law, simple common decency.’

‘Besides that,’ he exlained, ‘Everyone has to deal with death, what happens to someone when he is required to face his inevitable ultimate end.’

‘Of course,’ she reminded him, ‘Culture, storytelling, and poetry are also unavoidably mandatory for a fruitful and fulfilling life.’

‘In the immortal words of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, honey,’ he replied ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.’

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