The Friday Four With Rory (A Guy Called Bloke)

It’s been such a long time since I gave me bud Rory(A Guy Called Bloke) a chance, so here I am yet again. ‘Tis time for his Friday Four, a regular feature, so it seems.

I have found, over the course of me lifetime, that I forget all kind of things. When I was car now, alas.. I’d forget where I left me car keys and eyeglasses. I still lose track of me regular house key. I know I should put things like this in their proper place, each night, for the next morning, but duh. I always forget, when I go someplace, to wear me mask. The pandemic contributes to me occasions of forgetfulness. Next time such a question arises, you may hear get more of me examples of things like this

Considering that I don’t have a T.V. (American English for Telly), and mostly watch/listen to things online, I tend toward pert near always muting the sound of anything even remotely resembling a commercial, etc. Advertising, conveniently, doesn’t phase me one way or the other.

Hey there’s most certainly no systematically organized kind of an approach I have . I just click the follow button on the ones I should assume I can count upon finding enjoyable and take it from there.

I can’t stand liberal inclusive language, or anything else about their approach to communication, or anything else either. They expect to get away with putting pressure upon people to see things their way only. I also can’t stand anyone who’s loud, or anyplace crowded and cramped. Me anxiety kicks in like crazy.

4 thoughts on “The Friday Four With Rory (A Guy Called Bloke)

  1. aguycalledbloke says:

    Hey Larry – l can so relate to feeling crowded or squeezed in with crowds and most assuredly those who only have a wish of people seeing things their way, we have politicians over here that suffer with that and l have no time for it either.

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