Fred put his Rosary beads down and headed for his Bible. ‘My eyes hurt every time I try to read the small print lately,’ he said. His eyes fixated upon the line, in the fourth chapter of the Book Of Ruth, where God promises comfort in old age.

‘Life is always tough,’ he said. ‘Oh well, I guess it’s just another droll day of work, chores, and all the usual ordinary things. He made a cup of tea, and toast, before preparing to leave for work.

He kissed his wife Ellen good~bye and went out to his car. The trip to work, and his entire shift, added up to another link in a long chain of what else is new? moments. ‘I’m always happy as a bird with a French fry,’ he tells people. ‘Nothing says happy like being able to count on a good life.’

At the end of his day he punched out and went home to a typical supper with his wife and kids.

I haven’t tried this prompt in quite a while.

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