Major Chaos In the Great Society

I was walking down the street the other day when I came across a parade of Affluent young people blocking intersections. But for the sound of a nearby Humming Bird, theirs was the only clamor in the neighborhood. They were giving us locals~us ignorant privileged white Christian hypocrites, as they so derisively called us~a Dose of cultish propaganda.

“Would you like some cheese with all that whine?” I heard a bystander ask as he made is way through their Swirl.

They were chanting all the victim status propaganda, claiming to be constantly exploited by the Mighty. Underneath the Iridescent street lamps, I could see faces from all conceivable walks of life, including those of Indigenous peoples.

This scene, typical of cults throughout history, was a reminder of why I’ve always so bitterly despised any kind of movement that uses Revolutionary France, or Marx, as its source of Inspiration.

The lovely Petals upon the nearby roses and daisies contrasted so drastically with the bitter, mean Spirited, resentful violence perpetrated by the angry mob.

The main reason they get away with trying to Pull these stunts on us is because money and power can do all. We need significantly radical changes to lift us up from where they’ve put us.

Such dark evil things are always happening in my fictional dystopia, the Great Society.

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