The Noble Society Matron

The noble society matron,

A champion of

Concern for others,

Lived in a world of her own.

She read her favorite novels,

And attended her favorite plays,

Quite regularly.

She was engrossed

In the lives

Of their characters.

Her outwardly genteel demeanor

Was a mere Mask

Donned daily in order to camouflage

Her genuine oblivion

She daily passed by

Her real neighbors

And acquaintances

Without so much

As an acknowledgement.

Seasons passed,

As did generations,

And her world was

Forever parallel to theirs.

Locals say she practically

Died of heartache

When Mimi developed consumption

In Puccini’s ‘La  Bohème’

But walked over

A homeless Pearly Queen

Who had frozen to death

In a blizzard.

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