The Blue Meanies

Daily and nightly I open my door

Waiting for the Storm to pass.

I’ve heard the pubs close promptly

At nine each night.

I guess that means all life’s evils

Only come out at a certain time.

‘Wear a mask,’ we are always told.

That’s how we’ll be recognizable as

Servants of the Beast.

The storm lingers but some are

Exempt from its ill effects.

It only reigns on mom and pop stores

And not on multi national conglomerates.

This storm is notable for its

Distinctive fog

Obscuring one’s view of all

That is behind him,

As poets and storytellers,

Schoolteachers and politicians

Conveniently rearrange

Our view of things.

Can the Orange Man help us?

The Blue Meanies don’t like

The Orange Man.

We’re all expected to

Accept their explanation

Of the storm.

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