Don’t Fall In Love With A Favorite Cow

“Me family’s cow , Milky White,

Doesn’t give milk,”

Said young Jack sadly.

“She isn’t worth the price of

The Hay we feed her. “

He traveled throughout the countryside

For months at a time

Recounting his miserable tale.

One night a wise and kindly old gentleman told him,

“You must get a new cow. That cow’s time is up.

Make sure you keep the hay

So you can make good use of it.

No cow can be expected to live forever, young fellow.”

Of course, Jack dreaded having to part with Milky White

But all went well when he did.

He still reminisces about his old cow,

Shows people pictures of her,

Laughs at memories of all her silly jokes,

And cries on her birthdays

But he’s come to realize that

Each phase of a gentleman’s life

Requires a new cow,

Lest all the hay be wasted.

Here we have

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