Welcome To Big Brother’s Great Society

Manipulating language is all the rage

The dictatorship of Victim Status

We’re all being taken for a train ride.

As the fog thickens,

They give us crew cuts,

Masks, and tattoos.

Whenever we’re not going through tunnels

The ride is always obscured by fog anyway,

The fog of reverse discrimination,

The fog of inclusive newspeak,

The fog of irrational fear,

The fog of manufactured pandemics.

As we await the final station

Big Brother will appear

Controlling one and all

As Pawns and Puppets

In his Great Society.

Welcome to Big Brother’s Great Society.

Welcome to

For this post, I have decided yet again to depict a dystopian society, for which fog is always quite an exceptionally apt metaphor. Today’s ..tonight’s technically considering I started it so late..theme is Fog.

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