The Aglio Murders

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“I’ll bet it was those Aglio clowns,” Banan told Aiobheann. “There have been a string of murders by clowns lately. Their trademark is garlic.

“I’ve been reading about clown murderers over the years,” Aiobheann said. “Clowns represent Satan as the Old Gentleman. They’re all about evil that masquerades as good. Just think of the circus ringmaster. Isn’t he inordinately aggressive? Circuses are a masterpiece of fraud.

“Historically,” Banan said, “They’ve easily tempted the young to run away and join them because they promise things similar to what cults promise.”

They sat down to their coffee and continued their work.

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supplies our hep photo prompt. In case it helps to know, Aglio is the Italian word for garlic. Please click the above psychedelic hippie flower power frog, if you wish to join our world.

26 thoughts on “The Aglio Murders

  1. granonine says:

    I never understood the fear of clowns until one of my children had it. Real, terrifying fear. And he was only three, not old enough to understand much about clowns, but old enough to know they were very frightening to him.

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  2. Marian Catholic says:

    I can still remember the time when I saw my first clown as a small child. His smile made me feel uneasy and wary. There was something false and sinister about it in the impression I had. It was a smile that couldn’t be trusted. As an adult, I’ve met or associated with people who’ve cast that same smile. Because of my early childhood experience, I kept aloof from them. That first clown I ever saw may have saved me much trouble in my adulthood. It wasn’t hard to see through all the masks.

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