Distinctive Friends


Aislinn and Eoin went on their weekly shopping trip. They were talking about visiting their friends, Mabel and Chester, trying to figure out whether they should spend Thansgiving with them this year.

“They’re crazy,” he said.

“Crazy?” she replied.

“Do sane people have pet ocelots?” he asked.

“I get it,” she replied. “They always do things in even numbers, a pathological fear of odd.”

“Let’s make a deal,” he said. “We’ll wait for a sign to see whether we should visit them.”

Just then they passed by a favorite store and got their answer.

They nodded in assent.

Welcome, O fellow gents and gentesses, back to our weekly swingin’ soiree, Friday Fictioneers. The catch is that it has to begin on Wednesday. Click the cute froggy couple in order to join us here please.

is our fearless leader, besides which, this week she has also even so generously agreed to provide our ever so much needed photo prompt.

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