The Bard Of Ayrshire


“Have you heard of the Robert Burns Supper?” Ailbhe asked Ciara.

“What’s that?” her friend asked.

“All you need,” Ailbhe explained, “Is a love of haggis and neeps, whisky, and Burns’ poems.”

“I first read Burns in college,” Ciara said, “In the Norton Anthology Of English Literature.”

Every anxious to take any advantage of their love of classic western poetry, the friends made arrangements to attend a local version of the supper.

“We can even play with the official Burns chess set,” Ailbhe said.

“Every truly great poet should at least have his own chess set,” Ciara said.

Welcome to September and

Friday Fictioneers. It starts on Wednesday but she hopes no one minds. Click the above Froggy if you want to join us.

has so graciously supplied this week’s photo prompt. Don’t try to affect a burr to keep up with him though. I’ve noticed that no one gets a foreign accent right.

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