When the Cart Precedes the Horse

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“Everybody knew Nellie and Albert weren’t happy,” Sadie told Zeke.

“One day he up and left, moving thirty miles away with a different woman.

Naturally townspeople assumed she’d murdered him so she went to jail for many decades. Upon her release she discovered that he’d been married all that time to her friend Bessie.”

“I’ve heard that story,” Zeke said. “She really murdered him then, and got caught.”

They spent the rest of the night picking apart the details of the case, trying to figure out the ethical ramifications of the punishment’s having preceded the crime.

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21 thoughts on “When the Cart Precedes the Horse

    1. Eugenia Parrish says:

      My personal favorite is “Double Jeopardy” with Ashley Judd and Tommy Lee Jones. Tommy Lee sorta reprises his role in The Fugitive, but the interplay between them is more fun. Favorite scene: when Ashley’s still in jail, her lawyer friend lets her know about ‘double jeopardy’. And says, “Kinda gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling, don’t it?”

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  1. Eugenia Parrish says:

    Per my comment above, I love the concept of double jeopardy. It makes for great movies, but as your story says, there would still be ‘ethical ramifications’. She probably wouldn’t get away with it, but we can dream! (and tell stories). Are you thinking of this as a plot for a novel?

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