The Friends

“I often miss Edna since the aliens kindapped her,” Leonard told Carl.

“Yes,” his friend said. “I can believe that. Where were they from..Neptune..Jupiter..Pluto?”

“Nope,” Leonard said. “Venezuela.”

“Then she’ll come back,” Carl said. “You know she flunked Spanish three times.”

They proceeded to get things ready for their weekly poker game. Everything went well until Mel pointed out that the kitchen sink and windows looked like Edna’s face, and Leonard got all mushy. Naturally it took him some moments to regain his composure. They went back to playing, and had a nice night.

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weekly excuse to forget completely that Wednesday isn’t a Friday, Friday Fictioneers. PHOTO PROMPT @ A. Noni Mouse Click the frog, the one that’s doing the cha cha cha above, to join us here.

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