Near Mrs. A Pun

My neighbor

Molly Corcoran

Be’s such a lovely

Native New Yorker an’

She can never catch her a hubby.

“Now why may it be?”

Always asks she.

“Am I too silly, annoying, or chubby?”

She soon found an advertisy

Done as a courtesy

For women who couldn’t get a groom,

Who came so close to marriage

But for a miscarriage

Of justice or etiquette fell,

Just a little bit short (O such doom.)

The ad said ‘Ladies this is

A group named the Near Mrs.

For girlies who can’t find a Mr.

If you join us, dear lassie,

You’ll be lovely and classy,

And then we shall call you our sister.’

I went for a play on words this time around. Off A Little/Near Mrs.

has given us this week’s Twiglet.

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