The Intersection Between B.C. And A.D.

Clicka qui

They meet regularly. Their last soiree worked out well. Jesus and Socrates discussed how each was executed by his respective state. Saints Peter and Paul, and Plato and Aristotle, marvelled at how they resembled pairs of identical twins.

“Scholars have always pointed out,” bragged Plato, “How my worldview is like Christianity without the Incarnation.”

“Get a load of Romulus and Remus, ” Peter told Paul. “They’ve never forgiven us for having stolen Rome from them.”

In the distance were the Beatles, playing all their songs. Jesus chided John for that unfortunate remark.

At around midnight everyone went home happy.

Me nephew Michael once pointed out that life, for me, boils down to philosophy, theology, and the Beatles. I took advantage of the above crossroads image to capitalize on that. Please join

..even though it’s Wednesday each week. Clicka qui.

has supplied this week’s truly hep photo prompt.

15 thoughts on “The Intersection Between B.C. And A.D.

  1. Nobbinmaug says:

    Paul’s a saint? He’s not even dead yet. Or is he?

    (In case that joke doesn’t translate, I read a conspiracy theory that Paul died and the Beatles replaced him with a doppelganger in the ’60s. I always thought it was funny.)

    Liked by 1 person

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