Handling All the Frustration

Lately everyone has such a lot of free time on his hands. I take advantage of mine by, among other things, wondering if Rosie is still the Queen of CORONA. Besides that, I CAN play COVER versions of my favorite songs on my guitar, unleashing a veritable CACOPHANY of nostalgia upon my neighborhood. CALL me silly, but at least all these things can keep my soul from deteriorating until it’s the COLOR of COAL, considering that I’d so much prefer to keep its current shade, that of COTTON. I truly COVET the ability to have a much more interesting and agreeable time of things by this time next year. Lately I’ve been trying so hard to deal with it that if I bend over any further backwards, My spinal COLUMN will fall off. Part of me wants to greet people with a kindly CARESS, and part of me wants to send them all away, in a giant CART, to Hell.

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