The Pearly Queen

Daily I pass by the local subway station

Where walks the Pearly Queen

Who stands seemingly forever in WAIT

With the WEIGHT of the world

Upon her worn out shoulders.

‘Might she be a poor soul from Purgatory?’

Locals wonder aloud.

She incessantly begs alms

From anonymous passers by.

The gaunt expression

Upon her previously most lovely visage

Appears to Warn one and all alike

Of the burdens that await him

If his cares aren’t

Worn meekly.

‘Might she be a poor soul from Purgatory?’

Locals wonder aloud

As she incessantly begs each

Kindly to give suffrage.

Local schools and workplaces

Are always closed

During times when she appears.

She never appears

Within eyeshot of a hospital.

She never seems to age,

Though she’s seen many a dark hair

Turn grey. If you chance to come across

A Pearly Queen

And she requests a gentle smile

Or a cold full glass of water

Know that you’ve gotten your turn.

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2 thoughts on “The Pearly Queen

  1. Jules says:

    I do believe I’ve seen many a Pearl Queen and King, aye some princes and princesses too.
    In some of the Good News stories I read I see many a good soul gifting their light to these royals.
    I used to see more when I worked… but alas home bound these days one sees less of the outside world especially if they don’t live in cities.

    I do remember the subways and PATH stations in NY and NJ… many resided in those shadowed halls…

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