The Legend Of Olive Thomas

Wordle 193

“Do you remember that beautiful Dark haired silent movie star, Olive Thomas?” Dougal asked Margret. “This September will be the centennial of her controversial death.”

“Yes, I’ve heard and read a lot about her,” his wife said. “She was as talented as Lena Montego and Alfred B. Davenport.”

“I’m a little bit afraid when we go to the Amsterdam Theatre,” he said. “I know how Easy it’s always been for me to allow my imagination to run wild so I may be wrong, but I often think I see her there.”

“I understand,” Margret said. No matter Where we go in that neighborhood, I always feel as if she’s following us. The sensation makees my Knees wobble. ”

“It’s gotten to where I can’t trust any Blind spots,” he replied “Because I always assume she’ll sneak up upon us. Feelings of anxiety Pierce me on each Side whenver I see that ominous spectre. She was so much lovelier than all the Blonde actresses.”

“We’d better watch our step there from now on,” said Margret. “People say she often likes to Cling to anyone she finds interesting or attractive, and may even Glower at people on her bad nights, uttering Plaintive sounds.”

Just then, from out of nowhere, they were taken aback by the sound of Running Water.

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