Poor Judgment

girl in yellow shirt lying on bed

Stanley and his Guardian Angel walked through a most distinctive passageweway. It was all about what Stanley’s life might have been like under other circumstances. At one point, they arrived at quite a fine house, replete with joy.

They arrived at one of the bedrooms, where they noticed a young girl. “Oh, she’s such an awfully lovely young lady,” Stanley said.

“You know,” his angel said, “I thought you’d think so, considering that she was supposed to be your daughter. That didn’t happen though, because of a certain bad decision you made. Do you remember that time, around ten years ago, when you slept late one day instead of bothering to go to work?”

“Yes,” Stanley admitted.

“That was the day Ralph, your friend, was expecting to invite you to a big party,” the angel said sternly. “At that party, you were meant to meet his sister in law, Agnes. You were supposed to fall for each other, to get married, and to have a few children. Shirley would have been one of your children. ”

All Stanley could do was stare into space, knowing that he’d made such a big mistake.

“It just goes to show,” his angel continued to chide him. “Sometimes the most ordinary, boring seeds can yield the sweetest of fruits. You see what you missed out upon because of one supposedly minor concession to something other than doing the right thing?”

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