Maybe They’ll Have A Second Chance?


Please kick the dancing froggie to join us..

One of the most important features at Long Beach’s regular craft fairs and farmer’s market is the Battle Of the Bands.  Local bands regularly get together to see who can outdo each other.   Fifty Cent Philosophers and Scampground are the two biggest bands.  Henry and Peter never miss their concerts.   

“Are they as good as Alive And Kicking?”  Henry always asked. 

“I don’t know,” Peter replied.  “You can’t get much hepper than ‘Tighter And Tighter”.   “Who knows?” Andy bragged. “Maybe one of these groups will hit it big.  One famous band from here every fifty years is quite an accomplishment.”   

Welcome back to ROCHELLE’S Friday Fictioneers, a weekly (starting Wednesday) attempt at writing hundred word fiction.  Having recently looked up Alive And Kicking, I’ve found out that they’re from Brooklyn, but I’ve always heard they’re from here in Long Beach, so I may or may not be cheating a bit.   C.E. AYR , one of our oh so esteemed and distinguished regulars, has supplied this week’s photo prompt.

12 thoughts on “Maybe They’ll Have A Second Chance?

  1. Dale says:

    They all gotta start somewhere.
    There is something special about going out to a festival and discovering new music. ‘Course, not all of it is good but still! (Maybe they serve beer for those ones 😉 )

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