Such A Nice Time

It was time for the Long Beach, New York craft fair.  All the locals gathered at Kennedy Plaza and on the boardwalk to enjoy rides, fattening food, wine tasting.   

Peter and Henry were no exception.  They stood by some of the stands, which were manned by local merchants plying their wares.  The friends were having a fine time drinking craft beer, ogling pretty girls, and listening to music.  After they’d finally finished walking all through the grounds they got on a bus and headed home.  “Abyssinia,” said Henry.  “See ya Samoa,” said Peter, at the end of their night. 

Welcome back to ROCHELLE’S ever so confusingly named (seeing as how it starts on a Wednesday) Friday Fictioneers.  Click the Froggie below to join the revelry, for which her hubby,  © Jan Wayne Fields, has so graciously supplied this week’s photo prompt.



I am a Frog

13 thoughts on “Such A Nice Time

  1. Dale says:

    That was a fun one, Larry. Unlike Rochelle, I am not so knowledgable about M*A*S*H by episode and didn’t remember that line. However, YouTube is a great friend in these cases 😉

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