The Purloined Candy


I finally found him, my much admired prey

The Easter Bunny briefly at rest.

Having foolishly let down his guard,

Overlooking his delightful plethora of  chocolate, caramel, and marshmallow.

Now briefly unaware, He could never have suspected me. 

All his cherished wares were at my disposal. 

I wandered into his colorful chamber and made my move,

Filling my satchel with joy beyond all measure.

Having arrived later at home,  I took a taste

Of my most beloved and forbidden delights.

The veil which had been previously sealed shut,

Out of bounds seemingly permanently to me,

Was suddenly torn in two, even more so, 

As I sampled the variegated flavors and textures

  In my unworthy possession. 

Thus began my truly delightful adventure. 

Welcome back to Day Thirteen of NA(GLO)POWRIMO .


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