St. Gabriel’s Glee Club

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It’s 1970 and I’m in St. Gabriel’s glee club.   Tonight we have a big concert and as usual my mind wanders.  Irrelevant images of scenes from shows like “Julia” and “Arnie” flash into my head.  Brother Edmond and Brother James introduce us to the audience. 

 Somehow I manage to bluff my way through all the songs while simultaneously rolling my eyes at Earl and Jo Anne.  “Lawrence, enunciate,” I hear Brother James demanding implicitly.   It’s amazing how much good thoughts of a never seen paddle named Lilian can do in the mind of a ten year old boy. 

February 27th is the Feast of St. Gabriel Possenti so I got a flashback.   Welcome to ROCHELLE’S  Friday Fictioneers, which this week appears on Ash Wednesday.  DALE , as can be plainly seen, has contributed this week’s hep photo.

18 thoughts on “St. Gabriel’s Glee Club

      1. larry trasciatti says:

        It’s so nice to see you got good experiences with them too. In defense of what you say, our principal, Br. Paul, turned out to be bad, though I’d never noticed it. I found out later. We never saw Lilian. I have no idea if there ever even was a real Lilian, though she was always referred to

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    1. larry trasciatti says:

      The majority of priests and Religious are so exceptionally good. Kids are more likely to be molested by public school teachers and family friends, among others. The Church has to conduct a thorough investigation


      1. Na'ama Yehuda says:

        I hear you. I think in general more people are good than bad. I am not so sure where the statistics of kids being more likely to be molested by public school teachers, though. Do you have some stats I can find? (this is a serious question). It is true that over 90% of children are maltreated by people they know, which include, by the way, families, and religious leaders and neighbors and teachers and relatives. The Church is not all bad. I’m sure there are plenty of caring, moral, good people who are part of the Catholic Church. It has not, however, as an institution, done a good job of conducting thorough investigations or protecting children, and as an organization had put the priests and nuns ahead of the children’s safety. I’m aware it is changing now, and I am very glad for it. Some of my friends had excellent experiences growing up in Catholic education. Some had awful experiences. I don’t think it is unique to the church, but I’m sure you’d agree that the church held much power over many interlocking institutions and over where things went (and if they went anyplace at all) when there were complaints … and it did not do a good job of it. FWIW, I’m glad things are more open to the light of inspection (and possible healing) nowadays. Not only in the church but in other organizations and societies that hold power.

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  1. granonine says:

    Sing like an angel or I’m going to burn your backside. Wow. Well, I’m glad to see that such an “encouragement” was rare.I’ve always enjoyed the boy choirs, often wonder what happens when their voices change.

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    1. larry trasciatti says:

      Everyone thinks that’s a bad environment. Maybe there are some cases where it doesn’t work out, but I remember it so very fondly. When voices change, as far as I know, the usual disappointments ensue in the case of those of us who find out we, unfortunately can’t sing.

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