What Might Have Been

“Don’t you think Mary Richards should have married Alex Reiger?” Dougal asked Ted. 

“What do you mean?” his friend replied.

“Well,” Dougal continued. “She was the perfect lady, and he the perfect gentleman.  Imagine the fine kids they could have had.” 

“A cab driver and a journalist?!” Ted gasped.  Are you out of your mind?!  I see Alex more with Alice Johnson from ‘Room 222’ and Mary with Howard Borden from ‘The Bob Newhart Show.” 

“You know what this means, don’t you?” Ted said. 

“What?” Dougal asked.  “We’ve simply got to find something more interesting to do,” Ted said. 

Welcome back to ROCHELLE’S weekly~starting on Wednesday~Friday Fictioneers.  J. HARDY CARROLL has supplied this week’s hep photo prompt.

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