B.C. And A.D.

Professor Schirtzer stood in front of her freshman Scripture class, within eyeshot of a Crucifix.  Each semester she explained to her students the distinction between exegesis and eisegesis.  They listened attentively as she pointed out that the first page of Genesis could be understood only in unison with St. John’s Gospel’s prologue, and the connection between the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh and Noah’s Ark.

“One thing I like about Schirtzer’s class,” John told Regina, “Is that she even lets us learn from Jewish scholars too.   It pays to get the inside scoop, for the sake of being really thorough.” 

Welcome back to ROCHELLE’S weekly  FRIDAY FICTIONEERS.

14 thoughts on “B.C. And A.D.

      1. granonine says:

        Sometimes they’re over my head, too 🙂 That’s when I have to consult my commentaries, and the meanings of words in the original language. Even then, there are times when I have to acknowledge that God’s thoughts and way are higher than my thoughts and ways. That’s where faith and trust come into play.


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