Topo Gigio

I’ve just found out that Maria Perego, who created Topo Gigio, has died.  Everybody my age remembers the Italian mouse puppet from ‘The Ed Sullivan Show’.  I sort of have quite an oversized Nest in my head, in which I’ve always stored such long ago, far away memories.  Now, of course, it will take for absolutely ever for me to get flashbacks of Topo Gigio to stop occurring to me.  That’s the way my imagination works.  It’s one of my much more distinctive quirks.

Welcome back to Denise’s SIX SENTENCE STORY THURSDAY #80 .

11 thoughts on “Topo Gigio

  1. clark says:

    Agree with all! How the mind holds onto certain elements of the past, (and not, at least reliably, always commonplace information such a passwords), is such a poser*.

    * a fave among the crossword puzzle set**
    ** not a fan of crossword puzzles at all.***
    ***I rest my case

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