Food Glorious Food

“My Alvin is pert near off his rocker,” Gertrude told Eunice.  “The old goat’s allergic to everything except Mezzetta pitted Greek Kalamata olives and peach jelly.” 

“I’ll say one thing for him,” her friend said.  “He’s not very hard to shop for.” 

“It’s so very boring,” Gertrude said. “There are only so many recipes a gal can concoct out of those two things.  I’m about to lose my three remaining marbles.” 

“Oh Well, girl,” Eunice said, “At least you’ll never lose him to another woman. Who else could possibly try to handle that kind of a life?” 

Welcome back to our weekly Friday Fictioneers, beginning on Wednesday, starring ROCHELLE .  Follow us on  Facebook  .  PHOTO PROMPT © Ronda Del Boccio

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