The Visitors

Maude knew something was terribly wrong.  Folks hadn’t seen hide nor hair of Claude since that day eighteen years ago when the Visitors were in town.   

The Visitors occasionally show up,  strike up a conversation with some locals, and then no one they contact is ever seen again. 

Folks can’t even tell who they are, because they always appear as ordinary tourists.  Everyone assumes, though, that they must be from another galaxy or something. 

Nothing can be done about it.  They just have to suffer in silence wondering who will be next.  The Visitors will give no warning.  Welcome back to ROCHELLE’S Friday Fictioneers, even though it’s Wednesday.  FATIMA FAKIER

has so graciously supplied this week’s picture.

12 thoughts on “The Visitors

  1. Abhijit Ray says:

    May be town’s people should stop talking to visitors. These visitors are probably collecting right specimen for the place they are coming from.


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