A Murder In Manhattan

It’s early 1970’s  Greenwich Village’s Lower East Side.  Young blondie Debbie, an aspiring singer from New Jersey, accepts a ride from a man in a white car.  He, serial killer Ted Bundy, murders her. 

 In the late 1970’s her friends recall, during the new wave/punk era, what a great contribution they think she could have made. They imagine her referred to in the same league as Elvis Costello, and the Clash. 

In 1989, Bundy is executed in Florida.  They gather at their old school and reminisce.  “Mr. and Mrs. Harry have never gotten over it,” they said. 

Welcome back to ROCHELLE’S  Friday Fictioneers, which is on Wednesday.  DALE ROGERSON

has supplied yet a whole nother photo prompt for us.

27 thoughts on “A Murder In Manhattan

    1. larry trasciatti says:

      Thanks Dale. I got the idea before the picture because it was in the news. That often happens. She got suspicious because the inside of his car was gutted out~no way to open the doors or windows, and a missing dashboard. She ran as soon as the door accidentally opened.


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