A Really Obscure Talent

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Grandpa spent his days in the attic perfecting his magic.  “Not that crappy Halloween once~a~year magic,” he insisted.  “Mine’s real.” 

He was afraid to tell people though. “Everyone knows what a couple of whiners Grandma and Aunt Mabel are,” he knew. 

Day after day, hour after hour, he lingered in his favorite hangout, making things disappear, or float upward, among other offbeat feats. 

Eventually he resigned himself to spending the rest of his life with a comic book super power.  “Hey,” he thought. ” It could be worse. Other grandparents have liver spots.” 

It’s Wednesday yet again, and that always means Friday Fictioneers with ROCHELLE


21 thoughts on “A Really Obscure Talent

  1. Natasha says:

    I reckon this grandpa is good fun to be with. His grandkids are blessed and I’m guessing his good humour and spirits help him tide through Grandma’s whining.

    Nicely told.


    Liked by 1 person

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