The Cousins

On June 6, 1980, cousin Gary, his fiance’ Maria, her cousins, and I went to a Ramones concert at Great Adventure.  On August 17, 2019, Gary, wife Maria, and I went to A Ringo Starr concert at a local hospital. 

“I’m telling you guys,” I told some friends.  My cousin, his wife, and I have a deal. Every thirty nine years, rain or shine, we go to a really good concert.” 

“There’s only one catch,” Gemma said. “In 2058, you’ll all be too old to get around terribly well.”  “Hey,” I admitted. “It’s not a perfect system. Maybe we can figure something out.”





It’s time yet again, on Wednesday, to have a jaunt through ROCHELLE’S

Friday Fictioneers.  DALE (EH) ROGERSON has provided this week’s Fab photo.  Certain portions of me above story are real.  Gary, Maria, and I really were at those both concerts.

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