Busy Neighbors

The Wyoming Free LIBRARY has always been one of the heppest of hot spots in northeastern Pennsylvania.  John is the librarian, and Barbara, Linda, and Carol are his assistants.   

Mabel and Chester go to the library regularly.   So far they haven’t ended up BREAKING any world records, as far as how much time they’ve spent there, but people have often commented upon their having been there so often that they must BARELY have time for any other life. 

Since the PARKING lot is often quite crowded, they’ve taken lately to riding SILVER bicycles or walking there daily.  Fortunately they can be counted upon to be quite helpful.  Recently they organized a night dedicated to a study of Emily Dickinson’s use of BEES as symbolism in her poetry.  They’re also on the BOARD of Elections so they make all the arrangements for anything pertaining to voting, when the library is used as a polling place. 

They never miss a chance to work with the library and the United Methodist church next door during book sales.   Conscientiously they work at a TABLE selling books to the local townspeople.  Everyone at the library knows how to get in touch with them too.  They are often bombarded with e~mail,  and many people prefer to call and to leave  MESSAGES on their voice mail. 

People always ask them what they’d be doing if they ever didn’t spend all their time at the library.  They always say merely that they’d probably end up DANCING at a nearby CAFè. 

Welcome back to SUNDAY’S WHIRLIGIG # 225.

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