Inevitable Controversy

“What are you listening to?” Igor asked Olga. 

 “The oldies station,” she told him.  “They play songs by Sam the SHAM and the Pharaohs, Tony Orlando and DAWN, Amen CORNER.” 

He then proceeded to LIFT a hair SPRAY can and to put it onto another shelf. 

“Back in those days,” she explained, “Music was still something a youngster could be proud and honored to SHIMMY to. As far as I’m concerned, that WRAP crap isn’t even FIT  for us  to CALL it music.” 

“It’s rap,” Igor reminded her, having to avoid succumbing to the temptation to CHOKE upon his very words. “You know,” he went on. “You should truly come out of your SHELL.”   “No, thank you,” she explained.  “The SCAR that would remain would be unbearable.” 

Welcome back to WORDLE #415 from the Sunday Whirl.

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