The Forbidden Room


Herman and Sylvia Gump were so old fashioned and corny their friends and neighbors in Squaresville had taken, good naturedly, to calling them Mr. and Mrs. Ludd.  It got to a point where, out of love for the days of yore, they even arranged to have their entire environment displayed only in black and white. 

Oddly, by most folks’ reckoning, they even managed to bring back old technology, communication, and transportation. Local townfolk never could understand exactly how they were able to revive such obvious anachronisms as the Pony Express and stagecoaches. 

One day, Hiram and Cora Philpot finally hatched quite a well thought out plot to discover the source of all this suspicious ability to live in such drastically distinctive days of yore.  They, along with Thaddeus and Luella Mae Farkle, cajoled the Gumps into hosting a square dance in their barn.  Knowing that the pair could most certainly never be counted upon to set hide nor hair anywhere near anything the least bit current, nor even recent, they understood that it was the only way. 

It was agreed upon that everyone would meet at the Gumps’  for a rousing Friday night hoedown.  Each couple or family would be expected to pitch in with food, decorations, and all the other necessary arrangements. 

Not so much as the least bit unfavorably disposed toward such a fine opportunity to enjoy folks’ company, and to be right neighborly, the Gumps not only didn’t mind.  They outright relished it all.  There would, however, be only one condition.  No one may enter a certain room in their house. That’s their forbidden room.  Once it was understood that that one space was unquestionably off limits, the dance could begin with relish and gusto.

As the night progressed, things got more and more enjoyable by the moment, so no one, at first, noticed something awfully suspiciously odd.  One by one, over the course of the festivities, neighbors started suspiciously and unaccountably disappearing. 

 Folks were overheard to say things like, “Neighbor Smoot, have you seen neighbor Fudbpucker and neighbor Haney?” Knowing that such a problem was quite uncalled for because of such rigid attendance requirements, people were starting to get quite afraid. 

“Neighbor Fudbpucker and neighbor Haney would never dare to do such a thing,” neighbor Kiley insisted. “They know better.” 

“Well, I’ll tell you one thing,” neighbor Farkle insisted. “I don’t care whether those Gumps like it or not. I’m going into that forbidden room of theirs.  Something’s awfully screwy going on around here’bouts and I’m telling you right here and now. I have had it with those characters.” 

They then gathered together all the biggest and strongest menfolk in Squaresville, with all their tools, and managed to break down the door of the forbidden room.  What they saw was simply too weird, too deranged, to be explicable in the language or symbolism of mere mortals.

Welcome back to MindLovesMisery’s Menagerie’s PHOTO CHALLENGE #274 .


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