Social Skills

“I’ve been reading ‘The Little Book Of Etiquette’ for my class,” Clem told Blanche. 

“Wow,” said she. “You’re really taking that Little Gentleman’s Finishing School seriously, aren’t you?” 

“Quite,’ replied he.  “I see it as a launch pad for grace, elegance, verve, and panache.”   

“I’m so happy,” he continued. 

“I never talk with my mouth full anymore, and my elbows haven’t touched a table in three semesters.” 

“Now I know for sure you’re my true love,” replied she. 

 ‘The Little Book Of Etiquette’ is a real book.  Welcome back to Denise’s SIX SENTENCE STORY THURSDAY #66




10 thoughts on “Social Skills

  1. Pat Brockett says:

    I had only read about the finishing schools for girls, but after reading your SSS, I googled and discovered that finishing schools for men have become popular. Good idea. Good manners never hurt anyone.
    Enjoyable SSS.


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