Such A Wild And Crazy Guy

Chester and Mabel were taking their daily plane ride. 

“So Mabel,” said he, “Have you heard that Linus has died?” 

“No kidding?!” she replied.  “He’d always struck me as so fabulously young and healthy.” 

“He ate seven bananas one day,” Chester complained.  “Dead on the spot.” 

“Goodness gracious,” she said.  “Is Cora planning a funeral?  I suppose she’ll have to notify the Society Matrons’ League.”   

“Yes,” Chester replied.  “She’s getting all that done. 

 “Well, of course it’s his own fault, don’t you know,” she said.  “He never was anything but a reckless ne’er~do~well.”






Welcome back to Rochelle’s FRIDAY FICTIONEERS .  This week’s jaunty photo has been supplied by :


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