Don’t They Know It’s the End Of the World?

Word Art.png

“Oh no,” Chester said to Gladys.  “Get a load of that CATASTROPHE over there.” 

“Yikes,” replied his frazzled wife. “There are tons of DIRT flying all over the place. Do you think some CAPRICIOUS gods from the LOWER regions of Hades or Styx may be trying to SHRINK mankind’s population for purposes of revenge?” 

Hubby, at a loss for words, was mumbling with a mouth have full of Cap’n CRUNCH, as even the most unyieldingly RIGID of trees and telephone poles came crashing toward the ground.  Cars began to FLIP over and to BLOW away as eerily FULGURANT images were displayed in the sky. 

“It must be time for the End Of the World,” announced he ever so nobly and solemnly.  “For verily no lesser milestone, I spaketh unto thee, could perchance be in possession of the CAPACITY to destroy my FIBERGLASS boat, turning it into mere dust within only a second.” 

That was when Gladys freaked out completely.  She always knew there was big trouble when her husband spoke in abnormally old  fashioned language. 

Welcome back to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and today’s WORDLE # 144 .

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