The Genie

One night, When Harry and George were at a party, a genie friend of theirs showed up.   

“Let’s ASK her for three wishes,” George said. 

“O.K., ” Harry conceded. “This had better WORK out though.  Opportunities like this most certainly don’t usually happen TWICE in a lifetime.” 

“O come on,” George insisted. “We know this angel can be counted on.  Does she or does she not always make sure to show up in a traditional  BRIGHT genie FLAME, and to WEAR traditional genie clothes?  I have a hunch she’s going to give us a much better deal than just your ordinary SHAPELESS ANGEL.  I’ve heard she’s TWICE as good as those characters are.”   

“Yeah, you’re right,” admitted Harry.  “I never THOUGHT anything like this could possibly be expected to work out, but now I see it’s PURE genius.  It’s so nice that she’s made out of FLESH so she can blend in.  No one will even notice anything about her if we can explain what we’re up to.  Maybe we can even work out a deal that will ALLOW us to reap quite a lot of advantages from our distinctive friend.” 

Welcome to SUNDAY WHIRLIGIG #224 .


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