Between Here And Hell

“For a while I was possessed by Satanic demons,” Boris told Natasha.  “Then I finally figured out quite an effective trick to get rid of them and even to make a few extra dollars on the side too.” 

Uncontrollably curious, his befuddled girlfriend asked for an explanation.  “O.K., let’s here it,” she said. 

“Here’s the thing,” said he. “You’d be surprised how many people somehow mistakenly believe that demons can’t possibly be restricted in the physical world.  That’s not true though.  I’ve figured out a way to tie them down in my garden.”  

“It’s an old fashioned process based upon ancient traditional folklore.  Besides that, all I have to do is to keep them surrounded with garlic.  It’s sort of like their version of kryptonite.  As long as I have them restricted this way, they can’t possibly get away with anything.” 

“Can’t you tell by the bitter resentful smirks upon their very faces that they’d be quite capable of doing such a whole lot of damage if they were ever to get out of there?  The very best part is, I get to make quite a substantial income because of them.”



“O.K.,” she said.  “Explain please.”   

“Well,” said he. “It goes like this.  All the local townsfolk have gotten so irresistibly smitten, curious as can be, about those two odd looking fellows, mere heads pretty much, constantly dangling, bobbing up and down, on my front lawn both day and night.  I make sure I take advantage by charging admission to see Oscar and Gus.  So far, baby, it’s been working like quite an absolute charm.  I really wish things could have worked out so very well for me back in my early days.  Of course besides everything else, on Halloween and Walpurgis Night, I rake in quite an absolute mint too.” 

They then joined hands  and went out for supper, knowing only too perfectly well that quite a lot of frightfully expensive gourmet meals could be paid for by way of all this distinctive stroke of very good luck.  Here’s me latest contribution to KIRA’S SUNDAY SCRIBBLES .

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