Pinkie And the Blue Boy



Jonathan Buttall and Sarah Barrett Moulton arrived at the appointed time for an interview about the paintings they were associated with, ‘Pinky’ and ‘The Blue Boy’.   

Mr. Gerrity, their interviewer, asked them to sit down.   

Gerrity:  “Tell us all about your paintings.  Mr. Buttall, you may begin, please.” 

Buttall:  “For one thing, it’s kind of odd that people always associate us with each other, even taking for granted that we’re a couple.  Our paintings were painted by different artists, twenty four years apart.  Mine was around 1770.  Hers was 1794.  Our clothing styles are a century and a half apart. ” 

Moulton: “Besides that, I was eleven years old in mine.  I died when I was twelve.  Jonathan was eighteen in his and he died at fifty three.  Egad, the numbers are all wrong.” 

Gerrity:  “Do you think Gainsborough and Lawrence would have appreciated all the hoo~hah and celebrity associated with the paintings?” 

Moulton: “Oh yes, of course. Our artists were quite a couple of characters in their day, dandy fellows.  They would assuredly have gotten quite a hoot out of it all.” 

Buttall:  “They quite certainly would have ventured a good laugh at the way their paintings have managed to enchant people in successive generations.  I’ll bet they could have appreciated how all sorts of legends and misunderstandings in general can get started.   Considering that we look so good, logically consistent, and believable together, there’s no harm done.” 

Boulton: “It’s enchanting to see that we’ve become as familiar a couple of images as ‘The Last Supper’, ‘The Mona Lisa’, ‘The Scream’, and a select few others.  We always enjoy bragging to our friends that just about everyone wants to have our paintings hung prominently in his living room.”   

Buttall:  “Besides that, we’ve inspired all sorts of offbeat parodies, as have the other paintings.  Little did we recognize back then that our comedic potential was so fabulous.” 

Gerrity: “Well thank you both so very much for all your time.  It’s kind of funny that I’ve bothered to say that, considering that you’re both now well outside the world of time anyway.  I’m quite flattered that you, the ‘Romeo and Juliet Of Rococo Portraiture’, have been willing to visit us.”

Welcome back to Tourmaline’s COLOR YOUR WORLD: BLUE .






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