The Visitors

Wordle 143

Larabie and Miz Kitti were listening to their favorite radio STATION one day recently.  The Beatles’ ‘HELP!’ came on, followed immediately by the Who’s ‘WHO ARE YOU?’.  So far, it was just an ordinary day, with the usual banter, including comments about why the Beatles chose to BREAK APART.   

Just as Larabie reached for a nearby glass of WATER, there was a piercing SCREAM from the distance.  Suddenly there appeared a large ANOSMIC being, surrounded by light waves, which gave the appearance of STRIPES.  “Do not be afraid,” the creature said.

“We are not going to hurt you.  It is not our intention to provoke trouble.  We do not have any SPECIFIC plans. We only want to visit. ”   

“Oh Wow!” Larabie said.  “He must be from Mars. I’ve often heard that Martians aren’t capable of speaking in contractions.” 

 “Do please allow us to make a visit, ” the creature requested, with his version of politeness.   “We have often wanted our worlds should CONVERGE.  Our planet is quite BARMECIDAL, and if you do not mind, we have been wondering if we could ask for some aid and advice. ”   

Larabie and Miz Kitti then showed the aliens around, in a friendly and helpful manner.  They started out by explaining how to use a SHOVEL. 

Welcome back to Mind Love Misery’s Menagerie’s WORDLE #143.





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