Sad Song

Albert absent mindedly played  Glenn Miller’s ‘Moonlight Serenade’ on his piano, never expecting anything the least bit significant to happen.   After he walked out of the room, though, Oliver, his friend, started crying uncontrollably. 

“Someone played that song long ago,” complained he with a SMUG smirk upon his face. “Naturally, I saw that as my SIGNAL to get moving.  Things all seemed so SIMPLE back then.  As far as I knew, all I needed was a speck of CHARM and the ability to CLAW my way to the top.”   

He gazed, in total despair, toward the window, outside of which were endless fog and a monstrous ROCK formation, which seemed mysteriously to captivate him.   Thoroughly rapt in his misfortune, he allowed the nearby television to RUN on pointlessly, oblivious even to which CHANNEL was playing. 

Whatever unfortunate TRAUMA might have befallen his friend in days of yore, he appeared quite FINE now, as long as that one song wasn’t playing.  “There’s a LIMIT to what the old boy can be expexcted to endure,” he was forced to admit.  He then poured out some whiskey SAGE for each of them and prepared to face yet another moment of indescribable horror.   

Welcome back to SUNDAY WORDLE :WORDLE #413





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