Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

Snow White and her seven friends were sitting around at their favorite hangout, trying to relax amid all their frustration. 

“It must be tough being so lovely and sweet, pure, and wholesome,” said Doc. “I’ll just bet your stepmother, Queen or no Queen, must drive you crazy.” 

“Yes,” the enchanting protagonist admitted. “Envy is such a poisonous vice.”  She went on to explain how the Queen is eternally acccursed to stare into her mirror and to face up to the fact that her stepdaughter far surpasses her in beauty. 

“Ours is a hard lot too, of course,” Sneezy said.  “It’s our place to go throughout the entire rest of time, until further notice, re enacting this dismal tale for one and all to see.  I realize it’s educational, but it’s so annoying.” 

 Just then a voice over the loud speaker was heard to say: “Snow White And the Seven Dwarves, please.  Snow White And the Seven Dwarves, please.”   

Resigned to their inevitable lot, they all took their places. 

Welcome back to SUNDAY PHOTO FICTION .  Photo by Arun Sharma on Unsplash

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