The Nasty Wife

Wordle 141

Margaret was BARKING MAD by the time Harold finally came home from his OFFICE.  Having always been, even at her very best, quite a stubborn old broad, when angered she could be as IMMOVABLE as a giant slab of GRANITE. 

“Don’t even bother to try to ARGUE with her deranged majesty,” the frazzled henpecked husband thought as he tiptoed upon eggshells past her.  These increasingly frequent tantrums of hers were truly starting to FLUSTER him, having already arrived at the point where, in his dreams, each hand of hers turned into a monstrous CLAW.



Often, due to her unwarranted suspicion, she asked him insulting questions, ever ready to PRESS for an answer.  It wasn’t, for one second, that he was trying to DECEIVE her.  He simply didn’t have a thing to apologize for.   

“I should have known better when we first met,” he could often be overheard repeating in a befuddled MUTTER, “Than to give her the satisfaction of a tumble.  That PRETENTIOUS old hag was out of her mind even back then.”



Welcome back to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s WORDLE #141 .


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