Annual Ritual

On July 3, 1976, my cousin Larry married Rose in Queens.  Each year my father’s relatives get together on Independence Day weekend in northeastern Pennsylvania.   

I’m now sitting in a hotel lobby in Wilkes~Barre having one of my inevitable flashbacks.  No longer a nattily attired teenager, surrounded by fancy food and champagne, I’m now a jaded old guy, with a lifetime supply of dysfunctionality. 

We have such a nice time every year but there’s a price to be paid.  It’s fattening, tiring, and crowded.  It’s also the only chance I get to annoy that many of them all together at once. 

 Happy umpteenth ( 43rd ) wedding anniversary to Cousin Larry and Rose Linda.  Welcome back to ROCHELLE’S Friday Fictioneers, for which J. Hardy Carroll has so gallantly supplied this week’s photo prompt. 







32 thoughts on “Annual Ritual

  1. Abhijit Ray says:

    Family get togethers have their positives and negatives. Yes after certain age, it may become annoying because it takes one out of their daily routine. But on the plus side, one meets relatives after long time. Food can be good or bad, depending on preference and health status.

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