Uncle Santana

“Who’s that?” asked Pearl.

Uncle Santana,” Clara told her.

“His name’s Santana?” Pearl asked.

“No,” Clara said.  “Everyone calls him that because he looks like the famous singer.  Besides that, he’s crazy about music, always practicing.  Let’s listen to him play his harmonica.”

“Hey,” Pearl couldn’t help saying, “They old boy’s really good. Other than the tattoos, he’s my kind of guy.”

Hours later, well into a seemingly endless unofficial concert, Pearl pointed out, “I’ve noticed that whenever he plays, he never once picks his head up. Do you know if there’s a reason for that?”

“He told us many years ago,” said Clara, “That he does that so he can make sure he only gets to see exactly what his muse wants him to see.”


Welcome back to THE SUNDAY MUSE .  This week Cassie’s not available, so Fireblossom..A.K.A. Coalblack.. has taken over for her.



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